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Stoic Development designs and creates practical mobile applications for your life. 

Our applications can be found on the Google Play Store and Amazon's Android Appstore .

Latest App...Simple Blood Presure Tracker

Simple Blood Pressure Tracker is for those who do not need all of the extra items that are available in more complex applications. It is quick and easy to use.
Enter your blood pressure and pulse rate, click save reading and you are done.
Enter readings that you took earlier, but were not able to record at that time.
Individual readings can be deleted if you notice a wrong entry.
Ability to send a copy of your readings by email to your healthcare provider.
This will hold up to 180 readings. Enough for 60 days of three entries per day. You can limit the number of records sent by email in the preferences menu. The default setting is for the last 30 records.
*Graphing and other more advanced features will be offered in an upcoming separate application.
*This app does NOT measure Blood Pressure. That requires special equipment.
Basic Localization provided for French, German, Chinese-Si, Spanish, and Japanese.

Get t at the Google Play Store. and Amazon's Android Appstore .